What is Lizarran?

What is Lizarran?

Our History

The first Lizarran opened its doors in Sitges in 1988, and since then we’ve been a leader in pinchos, tapas, and leisure gastronomy. Lizarran is, without a doubt, one of the most recognized brands of the national panorama.

Currently, you can enjoy our products in over 300 establishments throughout Spain and in 13 countries around the world.

"We take Spanish gastronomy, our way of life reflected in our eating customs, to the four corners of the world.”


Pinchos, platters, and beer: a simple yet unbeatable combination.

The best way to eat well while enjoying a moment of leisure. Accessible and friendly.

We have more than 250 establishments in Spain and 14 other countries.



The star feature of Lizarran, El Pincho is more than a product, it’s an uncomplicated and varied way of consuming gastronomy.

Did you know that we have over 200 varieties of pinchos?

Our cold pinchos can be selected from our self-serve vitrine, and the warm ones will come out to you when you hear the bell.

And the best caña (small draft beer) in the country is poured at our establishments, la Caña Maestra. The pouring is the key to enjoying a quality product and we give special care to the pouring and serving of our cañas and dobles (tall beers).


Inviting establishments, comfortable and casual, with an air of fun thanks to our bell.

The perfect place to share unforgettable moments around a table of family and friends.